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05-29 White House Launches National Plan to End Gender-Based Violence

The White House has launched a first-of-its-kind national action plan to end gender-based violence, such as domestic abuse, sexual assault, stalking and dating violence.

The US National Plan to End Gender-Based Violence, released Thursday, includes seven pillars under which the Biden administration aims to focus its efforts, including providing support for survivors of gender-based violence, addressing online harassment and abuse, and conducting more robust research as well as collecting additional data on gender-based violence. Within each pillar, there are overarching goals and objectives for the administration to work toward in its effort to prevent this type of violence nationally and abroad.

“Our hope is that the Plan will also be useful to local and state governments as well as community organizations across the U.S. to guide and support their efforts to end gender-based violence,” Jennifer Klein, assistant to the President and director of the White House Gender Policy Council, said Thursday in a statement to CNN.

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lynnswarriors05-29 White House Launches National Plan to End Gender-Based Violence