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Lynn’s Warriors focuses on education and training about human trafficking and sexual exploitation. The emphasis and challenges are for everyone to become a Warrior in their own homes and communities. Lynn’s Warriors educates children, teens, parents, teachers, trusted adults, healthcare professionals, law enforcement, community leaders and businesses and places of worship about the escalating impact of the Internet and safety from predators lurking online. Lynn’s Warriors emphasizes that communication is key and supplies the tools and resources to accomplish this. Please learn more.

Prevention & Outreach

Lynn’s Warriors recognizes that parents and children are scared and don’t know what to do in this overwhelming digital world. Communication and safety tips along with books, resources, tutorials, how-to’s and step-by-step guides to utilize the free resources available to protect children. Lynn’s Warriors understands that the subject matter can be embarrassing for both children and adults and provides the tools and resources necessary to engage, educate and empower to intervene to end victimization and predation.

Lynn’s Warriors is available for in-person training and presentations to groups, schools, law enforcement, healthcare professionals and anyone who wants to learn more about how to protect children. Human trafficking is happening in every town, city and rural area in the United States. Areas and topics covered are the escalation of human trafficking and exploitation and how to prevent new victims, online digital safety tips and how to engage, educate and empower children, parents and trusted adults about these crimes plus sharing the lived experience of the survivor voice.

Policy & Advocacy

Lynn’s Warriors is at the forefront of raising awareness and mobilizing and coordinating community, state and national advocates, elected officials, representatives and leaders to work in a comprehensive and integrated approach to best address the issues that confront our most vulnerable and precious citizens. Lynn’s Warriors utilizes a coordinated synergy and mobilization to educate about all forms of digital predation, including Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM), sextortion and all forms of human trafficking and sexual exploitation.


Lynn’s Warriors Radio

Lynn’s Warriors is a weekly hour-long radio program on New York’s heritage WVOX (AM 1460) and also TNT Global News Talk Radio that presents up-to-date human trafficking news, expert guests, survivor voices, digital safety tips to protect our children, resources and real conversation about this escalating crime happening in our own homes and communities. Listeners learn how to intervene and prevent new victims and how to help survivors thrive and regain their lives. Raising awareness and education are the key first factors to sounding the alarms against these human rights abuses happening in every town, city and rural area in the United States.

Lynn’s Warriors airs live every Wednesday at 3 PM ET on WVOX (AM 1460), WVOX.COM and the WVOX App.

Lynn’s Warriors airs live every Saturday at 2 PM ET on TNT Global News Talk Radio..

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