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11-24 Giving Warrior Thanks Today and Always

The word thanksgiving means the act of expressing or feeling thankfulness. Giving thanks for what we are grateful for and what we have. Acknowledging those around us. Thanksgiving Dayis celebrated one day a year with family and friends acknowledging the bountiful harvest season and other blessings of the past twelve months gone by.
Dear Warrior:

The Warriors are thankful for so many things this year. First of all, you. Colleagues, new friends and the public, those I don’t even know, who open up and read our newsletter each week. Your support, donations, loyalty and love empower me to continue working to educate communities about human trafficking and help victims reclaim their lives. You are making a difference. It is imperative that you have information you may not come across in your very busy daily lives. This is what the predators are counting on. That you are not paying attention. That you are not talking to your children. That you are not taking action. That you are doing nothing. This way they can easily slip in and take advantage of our most vulnerable, whether online or in real time

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lynnswarriors11-24 Giving Warrior Thanks Today and Always