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04-12 Do You Know About Microsoft Owned GITHUB? #AITech #SexualExploitation #CSAM

Microsoft’s GitHub is the global hub for creating sexually exploitative AI tech. The vast majority of deepfakes, “nudify” apps, & AI-generated child sex abuse content originate on this platform #deepfakehub 


Imagine: your daughter’s high school principal calls to tell you there are nude images of her all over the Internet. She swears it’s not her…but it’s her face. And it looks so incredibly, terrifyingly real. Finally, it’s revealed that some jilted male classmates took images of her and other girls in her class to make deepfake pornography – and it was likely created on GitHub.

This very trauma is happening to more and more girls and women due to Microsoft-owned GitHub.

So what is GitHub?

Imagine a social network for programmers similar to Google Docs, where people who write code for software projects can come together, share their work, collaborate on projects, and learn from each other. GitHub is the world’s leading developer platform and code hosting community with over 100 million developers worldwide. It’s popular amongst developers because of its open-source design, allowing anyone to access, use, change, and share software. Some of the biggest names in the tech industry (Google, Amazon, Twitter, Meta, and Microsoft) use GitHub for various initiatives.

GitHub, the world’s leading AI-powered developer platform is also arguably the most prolific space for Artificial Intelligence development.

Learn more here and how to take action. ENOUGH. #protectourchildren

lynnswarriors04-12 Do You Know About Microsoft Owned GITHUB? #AITech #SexualExploitation #CSAM